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Essentials Your Bag Must Contain For Cross-Country Road Trips


Thinking of taking a cross-country road trip with your friends this year? Wow, the mere mention of a road trip brings a rush of adrenaline. Road trips are quite different from normal trips and hence they require some special packing.

When you have made up your mind for cross country trip; start planning accordingly for the same. Here are some must haves in your bag so that you have a great trip without any kinds of problems.

Road Trips

  • Important travel documents – Whether you travel by flight or by road, it is always safe to carry travel documents. Some travel documents like the passport also act as identity proof. If you do not have a passport, arrange to get a new passport. Contact a reliable passport agency for all your passport needs of lost passport, damaged passport, child’s passport and so on. Carrying driver’s license is also recommended.
  • An atlas or map – You will see many people ignoring the atlas or a map while going on a road trip saying that their mobile is GPS enabled and they can check map on their phone. But what will happen if the mobile does not get proper signal and no information can be displayed? Suppose you come to an intersection point and cannot decide which way to go. In such a situation the map or atlas can be of great help.
  • Sleeping bag – While going on a road trip, carrying a sleeping bag is mandatory. These bags are light in weight and extremely easy to carry. Some people carry blankets and comforters but they tend to get cumbersome and cannot be managed. Sleeping bags also help in keeping oneself warm and comfortable.
  • Emergency kit – Keeping an emergency kit handy is highly recommended during a road trip. The emergency kit should contain items like a bandage, antiseptic liquid, some band aids, painkillers, hand sanitizer, needle and thread, scissor and similar things. Such kits are available in shops or travelers can make their own kit and put such emergency items in it as per their idea.
  • Camera and binocular – The main thrill of a road trip is to explore the scenic beauty on the way. Therefore having a binocular and a camera becomes mandatory. Having a decent camera will help in capturing various moments on the trip as well as take some awesome clicks of the scenic beauty on the way. A binocular is also needed on a road trip so that you can some distant object with the same clearly.
  • Proper clothes and toiletries – On a road trip it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes as much as possible. Cotton clothes are preferred as they are light and can keep you comfortable. Along with right kinds of clothes, it is essential to carry high quality sun screen lotion as well as moist towelettes and similar things to keep you fresh. Toilet papers, antibacterial lotions, insect repellants should also be taken.
  • Water and other kinds of drinks to keep you hydrated – Going on a road trip is great fun without doubt, but it is quite draining as well. Therefore to replenish the lost energy, it is important to have adequate fluid intake from time to time. It is recommended to carry water and other kinds of drinks like juices and energy drinks in plenty so that there is no problem of dehydration on the trip.

Along with the above mentioned things, keep some cash handy along with credit and debit cards.


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