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Treatment for Sex Addicts


Sex addiction is similar to the addiction of alcohol or drug. The society is stereotyped about the sex addicts, but they are no different from the alcoholic or drug addict as they go through the similar problems as them. 

The occurrence of sex addiction is due to unresolved trauma, low self esteem, dysfunctional childhood, difficulty in expressing are some of the major problems leading to this debilitating addiction.

Sex Addicts

The consequences and behavior of the sex addicts might be quite different from that of a drug or alcohol addict, but the requirement of treatment of this underlying problem is needed at a same instance. Similar to other addicts even sex addicts try to escape from the reality of their life. Sex addicts often have an additional addiction of drug or alcohol.

An intimacy disorder in which an individual lacks the ability to engage in an intimate relationship is also referred to sex addiction. Such problems are often the result of lack of affection of the individual with his or her parents during the childhood. The missing of such important components of the life lead to such type of addiction.

It is not necessary that a sex addict enjoys sex than other people, in fact the addict is compelled to act sexually. They are incapable to control their lustful impulses. The addict relies on sex for relief from stress, and to find comfort from pain. Such compulsive behavior leads to pursuing prostitution, pornography, affairs, fantasies, liaisons and other such unhealthy behaviors.

The sex addict initially goes through some other problem. This pre-existing problem leads to the actual addiction as the addict considers sex has the solution to the already existing problem. Hence a sex addict has to be treated on both the issues, the underlying cause of the problem and the addictive behavior. Sex addiction Toronto has various types of treatments and therapy to help sex addicts to deal with their issues.

The people who are addicted to such addictions feel lonely cause they feel ashamed with their addiction. They feel despair and stay isolated from the world. They don’t discuss about their problem with others due to the feeling of shame. Most of the addictive behavior takes place in private. The addicts feel they are the only one feeling unable to control their sexual impulses, but in reality it is one of the most common and fastest growing addictions.

The families of the sex addict have to face unique challenges other than the regular issues of the addiction. The partner feels to be neglected or cheated, might have disclosure issues, possibilities of sexually transmitted disease, elements of disgrace. Most of the addicts have no affection towards their partner and could not achieve genuine intimacy.

Seeking a qualified Sex addiction Toronto professional to help navigate this addiction and restore sense will prove extremely supportive. These professionals discuss about the situation and addiction to work out with a treatment plan that suits the addict. There are therapy such as task oriented activities, group therapy and individual therapy to get rid of such addictions.


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