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Recommended Diet for Acute Gastroenteritis


To stay hydrated during gastroenteritis in critical drinking plenty of fluids and eating a bland diet based purees, soups.

Acute gastroenteritis is an inflammation of the intestines and stomach, which is caused by a virus that is contracted by eating contaminated food, this may be due mainly to being prepared with very poor hygiene, but there are many other reasons to buy disease.

Diet for Acute Gastroenteritis

People with this disease may have symptoms like dizziness, nausea, vomiting and fever, to improve these symptoms the best recommendation is to consume foods that keep us hydrated and are not too heavy, for this reason are some ideas for a proper diet for acute gastroenteritis.

Eating a lot of fruit and vegetables

This is another good way to stay hydrated, fruits and vegetables give us a good amount of antioxidants, which makes the immune system and helps strengthen our body to fend off a host of infections that can cause serious illness.

A diet which includes this kind of products in very healthy, can eat apples and pears puree, sugar or juices. On the other hand, the vegetables can be eaten lots of them (the ones you like) and as the want to prepare: boiled or steamed, both forms are recommended to consume during the duration of this condition, of course, as always We recommend, fruits and vegetables should always be present in our daily diet.

Take the soup

Acute gastroenteritis causes much diarrhea, so we must find a way to stay hydrated and one of the best ways besides drinking plenty of fluids, is to take the soup, if you’re not very fond of them must make the effort if you want a speedy recovery.

Vegetable soups are the most effective, as they help to eliminate toxins through urine, which will be very beneficial for this health condition and help a speedy recovery. You must avoid being spicy and contain celery parsley or spicy, as these products may worsen symptoms.

Soft grain foods

Foods like bread, brown rice, hot cereals provide a lot of fiber, nutrients and protein, in addition to providing much needed energy for the body and especially if an upset stomach so delicate is suffering such as gastroenteritis.

As we emphasize from the outset, acute gastroenteritis required re-hydration diet, because the diarrhea it produces can dehydrate a person in a very short time, in addition to fruits and vegetables along with the soups, we should drink plenty of water, if you do not like so much water because it has no taste, then some lemon (very little).

You can also give some flavor with orange peel, lemon or tangerine, to achieve this you just have to take about two liters of water in a glass jar and add the peels of your preferred citrus and leave to stand for about two or three hours, during which time the shells drop their aromas, you will taste the water and therefore be much more palatable.

Do not forget to live healthy must feed healthily, always keep in mind when you’re buying the products to feed your family out many more fruits and vegetables, and if you are passing you or a family member with a disease like gastroenteritis more so must increase this kind of food in your market basket.


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