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Travelling Tips and Pointers for a Safe Journey


Do you like to travel around the country? Do you like to travel around the world? Or are you planning to do so?

Many people like to travel. Aside from that, there are people who has to travel since it is part of their work, duties or responsibilities. Travelling to different places on earth, nowadays, become more possible thanks to the addition of transportation facilities and infrastructures. But how about you? How ready are you to travel?

Travelling Tips

Here are some tips and advices that true-blood travelers have shared to fellow travelers. Some of these tips and advices may apply to situation and some may not. But people who frequently travel have found these travelling methods useful themselves and are more than willing to share it with others, especially to those who are first-time travelers. Brace yourselves as here they are.

  • Go light. There is really no need to pack an entire wardrobe if you are just travelling for a few days. Clothes and other essentials packed inside a hand luggage is considered enough even if you stay out for a week. Going light offers a number of advantages: 1) You can save money from check-in luggage fees, 2) You can move faster as you are lighter; and 3) You don’t have to worry about leaving some things behind in your hotel room.

  • Bring ear plugs. Believe us, there will be time that you would find having some silent moments very vital. There might be some instances that you need that silence but cannot get it since the surroundings you are in a vocal mode. While you cannot control the noise generated by other people, equipment or gadgets, you can fully control what you want to hear – by plugging your ends. Your hands won’t do, but ear plugs can.

  • Never get angry during queues. It is okay to be upset but not while travelling and especially to fellow travelers who may be newbies to moving around. They don’t know what to do, and getting angry won’t help. Instead of getting angry, why not bring out a smile and ask your fellow passenger for some space. You would not want to meet some trouble while you are travelling as this could cause much delay.

  • Don’t be a travel paranoid. Although it is always to be wary and cautious of your surroundings, it would never help if get paranoid during your travels. Worrying too much even on the smallest thing would not help make your travel worthy and enjoyable. Worrying too much on your security and your baggage safety likewise bring the same effects. Becoming a travel paranoid means you won’t enjoy your time travelling, and you might disgust it someday.

  • Understand and be understood. While you travel to other places, don’t expect that they will instantly understand you and your language. There could be some language barrier that sets you apart from them. In these cases, it would be helpful if you could memorise some words of the local language. If words cannot get through, use your body language. Trying to understand and becoming understood is essential in travelling projects.

  • Always bring your ID and your passport. It is always the best to have the proper identification. When things come to worst at your destination, it would be much easier to get help from the proper authorities if they know who you are.


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