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How Can We Satisfy The Hunger Without Gaining Weight


We learn to satisfy hunger with healthy foods that are not fattening or interfere with our health controlling anxiety and snacking between meals.

Why I have always hungry?

Although it seems a truism, hunger is removed … just eating. The issue is what to eat, how much, when and, equally important, how we face the bug.


If you take an orderly, peaceful and contented life, you probably will not remember the food, nothing but where appropriate; this is your time. So the first thing is that you do these questions and try to answer them from within in a sincere manner.

Once you’ve faced these vital pitfalls everything will be easier. We started:

  • Do you carry a stressed life overworked? Do not have time for you to pamper yourself, for sport and leisure? If the answer is yes, you probably will face food in haste, without enjoying and also choosing foods high in processed sugars and negatively interfere with brain biochemistry fats. Soon you have eaten you’ll never be hungrier, entering a perverse wheel.
  • Have you started a lot of diets of all kinds and have not gotten keep a healthy weight? So you must be careful with the yo-yo effect with thyroid and, above all, your self-esteem that pushes you, every time you have a hitch, to sweets, chocolates and chips. By consuming these foods have a peak immediate satisfaction, but an hour and a half or so, return to be devouring whatever.
  • So how do to keep the itch under control without weight gain or feed healthily?

Not only depends on eating more or less or one thing or another, it is also important positive mental attitude, how to deal with the problems and the vision we have of ourselves.

How to feed the hungry healthily and without gaining weight

These tips can help you satisfy hunger:

  • First, you have to put order in your life. Try to do a daily routine: wake up at the same time, getting enough sleep, eating at home and company balance work and leisure hours, leave a few moments to yourself, spend time with your family or perform actions of altruism . But do with this I will satiate the hungry? The answer is no, but start with a solid foundation. Moreover, as the foundation of a house, it is imperative to address any diet or problems with food.
  • Once or so, this of ordered life is never perfect, we have introduced routine, pleasure and love in our lives, we must begin a sensible diet. I’m afraid I do not like those fad diets that promise alargarte life and lose 20 kilos in a couple of months without problems and sacrifice. You have to eat everything, small quantities, quality food and enjoying.
  • It is important to make five small meals and do not give binge constantly wanting it then compensate with any extravagance.
  • Do not consume calorie foods or sweets, or wrapped, or chips, or precooked. They will satiate while you’re swallowing, producing a peak of immediate pleasure, but to the hour and half you’ll never have a terrible itch.
  • By mid-morning and mid-afternoon, as part of your five meals, choose fruits rich in pectin or fibers. A good option is apples.

Other interesting tips for the famine

  • Enter in your daily diet foods considered more satisfying: whole grains (especially oats), mushrooms, salmon, chicken, seaweed …
  • We must take several servings of fruits and vegetables rich in fiber as they slow digestion.
  • It incorporates a portion of proteins in the three main meals, cooked low fat and salt. You can have eggs for breakfast, lunch lean meats and blue fish at dinner. So get to stay longer without the buzz of the stomach.
  • Drink more water. Sometimes we interpret hungry when our body means thirst. This happens, especially when we are stressed.
  • Do not be tempted advertising promises with various drugs. You only get to shred your health and self-esteem. If you want any help the alga Spirulina can help (if you do not take thyroid medication).

Get advice on your herbalist or pharmacy. There are many plants and food supplements that might help you. And finally do not be all day thinking about food and get up off the couch. The sedentary life, boredom, unhappiness and melancholy invite constantly eating.


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