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Can Tapping Help You Heal Yourself?


If you are looking for holistic therapies to help with your healing process, one natural therapy that you might consider looking into is tapping therapy. What is tapping? 

That is a good question. Tapping, which may also be referred to as EFT, integrates some of the ancient principles of traditional Chinese acupuncture to deal with strong feelings and experiences that are influencing your life currently. Emotions and feelings that may be dealt with during tapping sessions include depression, anger, fears, and other emotions and feelings that negatively affect your daily living.

Can Tapping Help You Heal Yourself

Tapping Is Easy to Learn

One of the reasons that tapping is starting to gain popularity as a holistic treatment is because it involves simple techniques that anyone can learn in just a few sessions. Tapping therapy is based on stimulating the meridian energy points on the face, body, and hands. This type of therapy does not rely on the use of acupuncture needles. By tapping on these energy points, this activity connects with emotional memories that your body holds. When these meridian points are gently tapped on these emotions, and negative feelings can be released into the universe and replaced with positive feelings and emotions that lead to a better sense of wellbeing.

Psychotherapy Is Not Required

Another reason that tapping therapy is growing more popular is that psychotherapy is not required to work through whatever your issues you may be working through. Tapping has been found to help and even eliminate emotional and sometimes physical challenges that people who follow the principles of the teachings. You will find that tapping has been introduced in many applications including as a way to improve athletic performance, boost business acumen, to promote personal performance, to raise prosperity, and to diminish activities and thoughts that counter positive personal growth.

Treat a Multitude of Issues with Tapping

No matter what issues in life you may be facing, tapping is can help you address and overcome them. Among the physical ailments issues that tapping can help with include allergies, high blood pressure, weight related issues, and pain management. While there is no medical proof to substantiate claims, some people swear that tapping has helped them treat incurable diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Cancer, Chronic fatigue and even Cancer.

Tapping therapy is also a good supplemental treatment for people who are dealing with traumatic events in their like Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, mental or physical abuse, abandonment issues, and substance abuse issues.

The best part is that EFT therapy is something that anyone can do from the privacy of their own home. Unlike other forms of holistic treatments available today, you do not have to buy any expensive equipment or get a medical prescription for powerful drugs, so people who have struggled with addictions can take part in Tapping without fearing of a relapse. This is a therapy that can be performed individually, with a skilled practitioner or within a group setting. If you want to get started with tapping, you can do it at any time.


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