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Life Made Better: Smart Tips for You


Life can be complicated, but oftentimes we’re guilty of making it that way. We like our electronic devices, what supposedly makes life easier for us, but may do the opposite. The following are a number of little things you can do to help make your life better.

Stash away a roll of quarters. It happens. You get on a road and forget that a toll is collected. Worse, you don’t have any change with you and that means you’ll have to queue on the long line to make your payment while everyone else heads to EZPass or the quick drop coin machine. By stashing a roll of quarters in a storage compartment, you will have emergency money to tap later. Those coins are also useful for feeding the meter.

Easy Life

Set up an automatic transfer. You need cash to cover an emergency, but you don’t have an emergency fund. Avoid that problem in the future by automatically transferring a small amount of money every time you get paid. A ten- or twenty-dollar bill won’t easily be missed. After a year, you’ll have $500 or $1,000 in emergency money to cover a car breakdown, a pending bill or some other expense.

Put some fun into your “to do” list. We all use them. To do lists, that is. Trouble is, those lists can prove stifling and take away from your daily fun. Instead of filling your list with chores or tasks you must accomplish, pepper it with one or two fun things. You might say “Head to Starbucks for the flavor of the day,” or “Take a walk.” These extras can help break up the tedium of the day.

Read a book. Reading can help expand your mind and transport you to another time, place or world. TV requires no interaction as all the imagination is done for you. Get back in the habit of reading and you’ll feel better about yourself. You’ll even sleep better if you fall asleep reading instead of watching television.

Write something daily. Blogging may no longer have the power it once had, but there are other ways for you to express yourself, including through social media. Make a point to research, consider and write about a subject every day. You’ll learn more and the exercise of writing (or typing) can improve your memory and enhance your mood explains Oranum.

Put it in order. Is something in your life a bit out of order? Maybe there is a kitchen drawer, a closet or a stack of papers on your desk that need to be organized. Take some time out of your day — right now — and tackle that project. It won’t take long to get it done, but you’ll feel energized and ready to do everything else later, with gusto!

Drink water throughout the day. It is easy to become dehydrated and without being aware of the problem. If you are dehydrated you may feel listless, tired and cranky. So, begin the day by drinking a glass of water and follow up with additional drinks throughout the day. Limit your coffee consumption and avoid all other beverages.

Make eating and sleeping a priority. Busy people often will neglect what is really important to them. You day to day activities cannot be accomplished if your body is worn down. It is important to eat right and that means not settling for foods that have little nutritional value or, worse, are simply bad for you. Just as eating is important, getting enough sleep is essential. When you eat right and sleep right you can take on all the other activities you have planned for the day and do so with sufficient energy.

A Better Life

Doing a number of small things can collectively produce big results. If you look at how you might live your life better, then you’ll have a more satisfying life to show for it. And isn’t that what you really want?


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