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The Most Effective Ways To Build Your YouTube Views Fast


Everyone who dreams of a career doing what they love on YouTube for millions of people to watch and enjoy is desperate to increase their YouTube views. After all, the more views they get, the bigger their audience will grow, increasing their channel’s potential for popularity.

The more popular a channel is, the more people will constantly check in to see if any new videos are coming out, which means that the person publishing the video will have an enhanced opportunity to monetize their success. One of the quickest and most effective ways you can increase your YouTube views it to buy them, however, when you buy YouTube views, you have to think about the importance of keeping your audience with you for the foreseeable future.


Although views are undoubtedly important, YouTube is starting to place greater relevance on the concept of audience retention. Once you have bought enough views to get other viewers interested, you want to make sure they watch your entire video and come back for more. Some of the best ways you can build and retain your audience on YouTube include:

  • Engaging with your viewers
  • Using On-page SEO
  • Utilizing Social Media

Engaging With Your Viewers

The beginning of any video is absolutely crucial to establishing and maintaining an audience. Much of the time, within the first fifteen seconds of pressing play an individual will decide whether they are going to continue watching, or click away, so you need to pay close attention to the first seconds of your video. Plan ahead to make sure your intro jumps out at the audience. Usually, it’s a good idea to start with some vibrant, catchy music that will grab the viewer’s attention and get them interested in whatever’s happening. Introduce yourself, and state what is going of be happening within the video, as you might at the start of an online blog post. Try to informally advertise yourself to the people that are watching you.

Using On-Page SEO

The way that you title your video, use descriptions and tag when uploading should be regarded in the same way you might prepare a blog post on your website. Remember people need to be able to find your content easily, so do some research on keywords regarding your video’s topic. Once you have decided on something that will get your video to the top of the queue, use it early in your title. If you can add a description, make sure you use more keyword descriptions there too.

Using Social Media

Try a little twitter stalking. This doesn’t mean spamming twitter constantly with links to your videos. Simply be present, carefully involving yourself in different groups so that you can pay attention to the kinds of things that they like so that you can cater to that. By twitter stalking people you can get an insight into what people want, or don’t want their problems, questions and needs, so that you can make sure everything you put out there solves and satisfies your audiences’ desires.

View counts serve as a way of recognition and a platform for great content. As Youtube views are very important, it is to no surprise that businesses are revolving around Youtube views and subscribers. Something that can really help is having an accurate file name, appealing title, proper description to attract the viewers, best tags and you are all set to go.


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